1.  CANCEL:  

Leasee has 30 days from the date of Box activation to cancel the PC Program.   The $100 security deposit shall be refunded upon timely delivery of the Box.  The Box must be in good condition.


The leases will be given one 7-day grace period for failure to pay.  The leasee will be considered in breech of contract on the 8th day or any consecutive failures to pay thereafter.  

BREACH OF CONTRACT:  Leasee forfeits the security deposit.

3. BOX RETURN:  The Box must be returned within ___ days at the end of the contract period. If we do not receive the Box, Leasee forfeits the right of return of the security deposit.

4.  DAMAGES:  

The Box must be returned in good condition.  We have the right to withhold all, or a  portion thereof, to cover the cost of damages.

Good condition is as follows:

a. The Box must be able to power on.  The  Box home screen must appear when turned on.
b. The unit must be able to connect to an HDMI cable to display onto TV/Monitor.
c. The bluetooth must be working.
d. The wi fi must be working.
e. The ethernet must be working.
f. The blue/red LED light must be working.
g.  The Box shall be free of dents and scratches.


During the contract period the Box is under warranty.  We will repair the box free of charge or Leasee can exchange the Box.  If exchanged, the Box must be in good condition and damage free.  Leases must pay the shipping costs.

6.  UPGRADE:  

Leasee has the right to return the Box for an upgrade.  Leasee will not be charged the extra cost of the upgrade.  However, leasee must sign a new contract.  The exchanged Box must be in good condition and free of damages.

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